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My friends, welcome to the year two thousand eighteen, which many experts have already labeled the year of Earners™. Can you believe it? Truly, the Earners™ are blessed, and their guiding light will show you a profitable year ahead, starting with our secret weapon. Cryptocurrency and the blockchain.

Now, I understand if you are confused by these words. “Earnie, what about the gold bullion rules? Are we not Earners™ if we do not heed the bullion?” Friend, you are an Earner™, and always remember that earning with Earnie for Earners™ is first and foremost a state of mind, one that cannot be easily attained or lost.


For this reason, El Consortium De Earners™ Internacional ($CIE) is happy to share with you, the loving public, our 808 Blockchain Rules for the very first time! This is undoubtedly a profitable day for us all!

The first of these rules is coincidentally the most important: Bitcoin is a lie!

I understand your preliminary doubt, however you must understand that the value of the Blockchain for Earners™ is directly correlated to the technology of the currency in question. And in this case, Bitcoin is akin to a ‘59 Fiat 500. Beautiful, classic, and valuable in pristine form. There is no question about that. However it is also old, clunky, loud, and lives in the shadow of its disgraceful and distasteful history!


For this reason my dear Earner™, El Consortium De Earners™ Internacional ($CIE) advises bypassing the unsavory allure of Bitcoin and instead jumping headfirst into Ethereum. Why you ask? Tune in next week for the thrilling conclusion to our Blockchain for Earners™ introductory course. Au revoir my dear!

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